Sunday, January 3, 2010

Loafie's Birthday Dress!

So I got really motivated today and made her birthday dress, nearly 3 weeks before her birthday! I can't wait to try it on her in the morning (it better fit!). I tried it on Curious George to just see how it looked with something in it, but he's nowhere close to accurate in terms of similar size. I ran out of pink thread and ended up using all of the rest of the white too, along with most of the lavender and some of the peach >.< We were all kind of sicky this weekend so we decided staying home was a better idea than going out. Grumpy goes back to school tomorrow, and while I've enjoyed the break and not having to drop him off and pick him up, it'll be nice to have something for him to do every day! I can go get more pink thread to finish the zipper tomorrow while he's in school :) I still may decide to put buttons on the back instead of a zipper... But I'll at least get to try it on Loafie first!

Believe it or not, the white parts actually have tiny pink polka dots on them! There is also a teeny tiny white design on the pink parts as well.

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