Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Well hello there!

Yeah, I know, it's been quite a while since my last post! However, I've got good reason(s): I've been busy :-P

Grumpy's 6th birthday party was on the 12th. We had lots of family in town and about 50+ people at his party. Wow! It was so much fun :D Even my grandparents came, which was a total delight as we don't get to see them more than a couple times a year.

I've been sewing! ... Like crazy! I finally went and spent the $3 on a double needle :D . It is the coolest thing EVER! I made a swimsuit for me, a swimsuit for Loafie, 3 pairs of boxer briefs from old t-shirts (tutorial eventually to follow!), a super hero cape, some veggie type bags for a customer, boycut shorts/panties from an old t-shirt (super cute with logo on the bum!), hemmed Grumpy's pants in to shorts, and probably a few other projects. Oh yeah, and all the aprons are done along with my silky satin pajamas :) I also turned a long stretchy spaghetti strap tank into lounge wear/pajamas by cutting it in half and turning the bottom half in to shorts (my first experience with FOE, I <3'd it!)

Grumpy started swim lessons on the 14th, 4 days a week for about 45 minutes each. We asked friends and family to sponsor his swim lessons as a gift instead of buying him toys. With his birthday money, we were able to get 6 weeks of swim lessons covered! Woohoo! There is even a little left over to cover some summer time activities like going to the pools or museums and the like.

We've had yard sales on 2 Saturdays this month. That is just soooo exhausting! Lucky hubby got to go run our air conditioned store :-P It did provide a little bit of extra moolah and the kids got to spend time at home. We cleared out some things from the garage and met some nice people.

Along with all of that goodness, Papa has been helping his dad cut fire wood (his dad bought a bunch of logs) probably 4 days a week, which leaves both children and our homebrew store completely under my control until some time after lunch on most days.

June has flown by so fast!! It's finally summer and definitely getting HOT. I hope the rest of the summer doesn't fly by as fast as June did! I'm not ready for my little man to go back to school and be a big 1st grader :(

So that's what I've been up to. Any one else have an eventful month? Do share - I <3 comments! :D

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