Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Some Recently Completed Projects :)

Mommy needs a twirly skirt too! This is from some jeans I got from a friend that eventually blew out, in the crotch, of all places. This a great thing for when that happens!

Pear Apron

Mushroom Apron

Wine Apron

Purses from my son's jeans: This one has the same orangey-red fabric from the mushroom apron. I had a scrap leftover that ended up as the rose. I just love how it came out! Definately easier to do this one with the elastic waist than the next purse down which has a zipper fly.

This one has the contrast fabric from the pear apron. I added some would-be dog collars that I never got around to adding hardware to as the handles. I came across them when I was going through my scraps the other day.

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