Monday, May 31, 2010

New Updated Ever-Growing Sewing Project List :D

Well since I've crossed so many projects off my list either by completing them or postponing them for logical reasons, and also because I went through all my scraps and have added NEW projects to my list, I thought I'd update it :D Also, I got some fabric for my birthday so I thought I'd throw those projects in there too! Here goes:

* Bug Themed Nursing Cover Ups - Bought hardware for the adjustable straps, just need to assemble it. This will probably take less than 20 minutes to finish up!

* Camo Cloth Diapers - 3 to do. Need to cut out soaker layers. Ugh. It's really not that bad, just time consuming and I generally lay my board and fabric on the floor to cut, and my 16 month old likes to stomp on anything that looks like it's not regularly part of the floor.

* Butterfly Themed Apron - Finished the wine one the other day :)

* Upcycled Jean Purses - Got 1 done last week. I think I have 2-3 left or something like that.

* Upcycled Carhartt Garden/Tool Totes - Similar to the purses but they're much larger seeing as they were worn by my husband and don't look very feminine at all. I cut them far too short to be shorts, but they had blown out in multiple places anyhow. I plan to keep these somewhat masculine looking.

* Upcycled Jean Skirts - 1 for me and 2 from my son's pants (obviously not for him). Still undecided on which fabric I plan to use on mine. I have some olive green sparkly corduroy that I really like, but I wanted to make Loafie a skirt from it this fall... We'll see :)

* I have a couple more of Loafie's long sleeve shirts that I should turn in to short sleeve shirts. I think I'll save the amputated sleeves (still have the old ones too) to make in to Barbie dresses when she gets older and wants that sort of thing.

* Final pair of Lil' Loafers for Etsy Baby Shower. Been busy with multiple random things... I really need to just do these, mail them, and have them done.

* Coffee Date Dress - To be made from pretty green floral stretch poplin that I got for my birthday. Saw the Coffee Date Dress on Craft Gossip, Burda Style, and probably a couple other places. I have the pattern assembled, cut out, and ready to go!

* Gored Skirt - To be made from pretty floral fabric that I got at the Goodwill that coordinated with the checkered fabric I used in an apron.

* Tiered Skirt - To be made from pretty coralish pink daisy fabric my mom gave me in January. I don't have enough to do all the tiers, so I'm contemplating alternating just plain white or shopping (uh-oh!) to find something else that coordinates. I'm going to shir/smock the top part of the waist band so I can wear it no matter if I'm pregnant or not :)

* Coasters - I have leftover flannel from Grumpy's footie pajamas that I made him last fall. Not much to do anything with, but I went through and cut out all the leftover whole skulls in a circular shape. I was initially going to make them nursing pads, but hubby said I was crazy (I thought he knew that already!) to do that will skulls.

* Nursing Pads - I have pretty dragonfly flannel and Disney Princess flannel leftover from projects last fall and summer. I also have leftover bamboo fleece and bamboo velour from the diapers to use in these so they're super soft and absorbent.

* Another Dress - out of some swirly blue fabric I bought at the Goodwill with no projects in mind. Haven't entirely decided which dress I plan to make from this.

* Satin Summer Pajamas - Not that I generally wear that sort of thing, but I really like the pattern I have and I bought the fabric months ago, and... It would be nice to have something to lounge in during the summer when I wake up and it's 80 degrees outside. Sometimes pajama pants just don't cut it ;) It's baby blue with tiny black polka dots.

* Skull Swim Suit - My good friend got me the awesome white with glittery skull swim suit fabric from Mill End for my birthday. A whole yard of it in fact! I plan to make a "one-piece bikini" if that makes any sense. It'll have a top portion and a bottom portion but it will be connected through the middle in the front by a narrow-ish strip of fabric.

* Cloth Wipes - I have a piece of flannel with colored hand prints. I used part of it to make a memory board that I gave to a friend as a shower gift. This is more of the fabric that my mom gave me in January. I've really had fun thinking of things to do with all the fabric she brought me!

* Kid's Cloth Napkins - Last year my mom sent me 3 smaller sized cloth napkins to use for the kids. 2 match and have cute baby chicks and the third has hatching dinosaurs, both designs are very cute. Anyhow, now that we have friends (yay us!) that come over and that have kids, it seems fun to have cute little napkins for the kiddos. I have some leftover fabric from our Birthday memory board that will be super cute, and a few other things too. I know I have a ton of cloth napkins already, but the kids don't!

* Swim trunks for Grumpy - I have some leftover "Spiderman" (red with black flocked spiderwebs, my son loves it!) fabric from when I made my son an apron last summer. I have enough leftover to make him some swim trunks! His birthday is in mid-June and I plan to have these done for him to give as his present from me. He loves when I make him stuff, and he really loves that fabric! Postponed- he has 4 pairs of swim trunks that fit him this summer :) Maybe a wetsack to bring his stuff home from the pool!

* Never-ending mending, of course :)

Well I think that's it for my Summer Sewing Project List for now! Hopefully I'll catch up on it before adding to it again. Anyone care to see my Fall List? (Haha, I do already have projects to do in Fall and Winter!)


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