Sunday, May 23, 2010

Current -Ever Growing- Sewing Project List

I promised my husband a couple weeks ago that I won't buy anymore fabric until these projects are done. I'm hoping to be done by the end of May, but that is now seeming unlikely. However, I feel like I've accomplished quite a bit! :) Maybe if I weren't so scatterbrained (crafter a.d.d.!) I would work on one project at a time :-P The main point of this is to use up fabric that I have just lying around the house (literally, all around the house) without adding to the clutter. So far, I'm feeling really good about it and very accomplished. Also, I don't think I've nearly made a dent in my fabric stash >.<

  • Pink Dress - Hem bottom and redo zipper

  • Mushroom Themed Apron - Redo Waistband

  • Loafie's Undershirts These came out great!

  • D's Curtains Another super success

  • Bug Themed Nursing Cover Ups - Neck Straps -Need to go buy the hardware

  • Dog Jackets - Topstitch and add snaps finished on 5/24!

  • Cloth Diapers - Camo - Cut soakers and assemble entire diapers

  • Pot Holders Postposted until I find a better/easier/more successful way to do the binding

  • Red & Cherry Tablecloth Looked great until it shrunk in the wash. Now I need to add a border of some sort so it will fit my table. For the record, it was a little skinny to begin with.

  • Cherry Napkins Project Overruled by hubby- he says we have too many napkins as it is, plus we have black ones that match just fine

  • Wine Themed Apron - Got it cut out the other day! 5/24: started working on it. Almost done! Just need to attach the waistband to the bottom and the top to the waistband, and the pockets too. But all the pieces are ready :)

  • Butterfly Themed Apron - Made a gored skirt out of the leftover when I cut out the pieces the other day.

  • Denim Rug - Been working on it here and there. Disected more blown out jeans to add to it. 5/24: Got it all sewed together and cut the fringe on it. Now I'm going to throw it in the wash and dry it a few times to fray it

  • A's Birthday Shirt Success! Party was today and she really liked it.

  • Loafie's Swimsuit Overruled - she has 2 that fit currently. I'll do this one next year :)

  • Jean Purses - 5/24 got 1 done! It came out cute and I added a rose out of scraps to the side. I'll make the strap longer on the next ones.

  • Jean Skirts - I have 1 done for myself so far. I have 1 more to do for me, and then 3 little ones that were my son's jeans. 5/24 Made one of the little ones for my friend's daughter and gave it to her this morning- she really liked it and it looked super cute!

  • Cut & Hem sleeves on Loafie's Winter Shirts for Summer Came out cute, an average person wouldn't be able to tell they weren't short sleeved before :)

  • Bubble Skirt for Loafie - Not sure about this one... I was going to use her blown out tights for this based on a tutorial from Ruffles & Stuff, but I think I need the "sweater" type not the "pantyhose" type for it to work well Postponing... I think I'll wait until summer (or at least spring) finally gets here. It snowed again the other day. Go figure!

  • Lil' Loafers for Etsy Baby Shower - I thought I was all done with this, but I finally got ahold of mom #4, so I still have one pair to make and mail. I got the other three out the other day though! :D

  • Paisley Purse - Started on it the other day. It's really looking great! It's from a pretty paisley brocade fabric remnant I got a good price on months ago. I need to add handles and zipper, then it'll be done! 5/25 I need to buy a zipper and some large "o" rings to attach the straps. It's coming along good!

Some other projects I'm thinking about include: Men's boxer briefs (his are getting sooo worn out!), a dress for me out of some heavy-weight swirly blue & white cotton I bought at Goodwill months ago, a skirt out of leftover pink floral on cream fabric (also bought from Goodwill), satin pajamas for me (this should be on the list above, I bought fabric for this months ago), halter tops with internal bras (saw a great tutorial, I'll have to find the link to post), a one piece swimsuit for myself, coasters out of my scraps, more nursing cover ups, more baby wipes/washcloths, nursing pads, and the more I sit here and think about it, the more will come to mind!

I do have a couple of projects stashed for fall time too, including an argyle sweater-vest-dress for loafie out of fabric I bought from Goodwill a month or two ago :)

Well that's it for now. Wish me luck and feel free to let me know what you're working on too!

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