Saturday, May 22, 2010

Some recently COMPLETED projects!

A few weeks ago I made a written promise to my husband that I would not buy any more fabric until I finished my current projects. I wrote up a list of the projects I could think of at that time and put it together with that promise. Later, I made a new list (yeah, as much as I don't like South Park, that one episode about girls making lists was soooo true, at least for me!) with a more correct amount of projects listed. Some of them I bipassed in that they are Fall projects like more footie pj's for the kids and a swim suit for Loafie that I'm going to do next spring because she still has two that fit. Here are some of my recently completed sewing projects :)

A gored skirt made from a scrap leftover when I finished cutting out pieces for another apron. This wasn't on "the list" but the point of it was to use up some of the scraps and things I have lying around. I still need to finish(err, start) the apron.

My pink dress that I started last August. I ran in to a couple of technical difficulties (there are differently sized pattern packages?? oops!) and as a novice sewer last summer, I didn't quite have the know-how to fix my oops's. My mom came down from Oregon for a visit on Mother's Day and doctored it up for me :) Thanks mommy!

Memory board, curtains, and valance I made for my friend's daughter's room. She bought Loafie's Easter dress in exchange for my services.

Here is a skirt I made from apron scraps (I only made 7 of them...) and some of my great fitting blue jeans that blew out in the crotch. I'm very excited to be able to wear them again! I've got another skirt to make for myself out of blue jeans plus lots of my son's former pants to transform into purses and skirts and whatever else I come up with. I think I can do it all without buying anything except for the Wranglers- I really want to do a paisley print on the inner lining of them for a purse.

Well that pretty much sums it up for now! I still have diapers, dog jackets, purses, skirts, a denim rug, nursing cover ups, and probably a few more things to finish up as well before I can go shopping again. I've got my eye on some pretty fabrics for dresses and skirts for myself when I get to go back! Oh, and I also made a tablecloth but I for some reason don't have pictures of it with me.

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