Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Etsy Baby Shower

Hello Everybody! In case you haven't heard, my Etsy shop is one of the participating donaters for the Etsy Baby Shower. Contributing shops choose an item (or two or three...) to donate to expecting Etsy moms. The wondeful people in charge of the shower collaborate all the information in to a nice, fun shower of gifts for the expecting moms. Each shop is paired up with a mom (or more, depending on their donations). I will be contributing 1 pair of my Lil' Loafers to each of the 4 moms that I've been paired up with. Not only is this great for the receiving mothers-to-be, but it's really been fun for me to be involved in and gives me warm fuzzies all over the place. Now I can really sew with purpose (other than just my amusement I suppose).
If you are not one of my 4 moms but still would love some Lil' Loafers for the little guy or gal in your life, you can find them here at my Etsy Shop. They feature a non-slip bottom and are cut to stretch with the child's foot as it grows longer. Elastic in the back of the ankle helps to keep it on. If you want multiple matching pairs, a special color or theme, or custom size, I would be more than happy to accommodate you :)
If you are currently expecting, or would like to be a participating shop, you can contact the gals at the Etsy Baby Shower to participate in the next Etsy Shower.

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